Service adjustment Weekdays effective August 28

East Haven

New Haven

Wed Aug 17

Weekdays (REVISED SERVICE) Morning service to the East Haven Industrial Park on the F2 trips leaving downtown New Haven at 6:00am, 6:30am, and 7:15am will be discontinued. These trips will now continue straight along Coe Avenue to the Momauguin terminus, arriving there 3 minutes earlier, at 6:26am, 6:56am, & 7:40am respectively.

The 2:42pm trip leaving from the Momauguin terminus will now leave 1 minute earlier at 2:41pm.  Some intermediate timepoints have been adjusted,  however it will continue to arrive in downtown New Haven at 3:12pm.

Evening service from the East Haven Industrial Park leaving Momauguin terminus at 3:42pm, 4:28pm, 5:02pm & 5:39pm will be discontinued.  These trips will leave the Momauguin terminus a few minutes later, at 3:47pm, 4:30pm, 5:07pm, and 5:47pm respectively. They will travel along Coe Avenue. Some intermediate timepoints have been changed, however, their arrival time in downtown New Haven is unchanged.  

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