Service adjustment Weekdays effective August 28

Whitney Avenue

New Haven

Wed Aug 17

Weekdays (NEW/REVISED SERVICE) Two new J4 trips leaving downtown New Haven at 7:45am and 1:45pm will be added, arriving at the Waterbury Green at 8:49am and 2:50pm. The 8:05am J3 trip leaving downtown and arriving at the Cheshire Town Hall at 8:42am will be discontinued.

The 8:57am trip leaving the Cheshire Town Hall and arriving in downtown New Haven at 9:50am will also be discontinued.

Two new trips will leave Waterbury at 9:00am and 3:00pm and arrive in downtown New Haven at 10:10am and 4:08pm respectively. These trips will then continue on to Union Station, arriving there at 10:22am and 4:17pm.  

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