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Bid #16-18
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BID 16-18



The H.N.S. Management Company, Inc. (d/b/a CTtransit) is a Subsidiary Corporation of First Transit Group, Inc. established as the legal entity to perform a service contract with the State of Connecticut. CTtransit is the Connecticut Department of Transportation owned bus system, which provides fixed route bus service within 53 towns in the Hartford, New Haven and Stamford metropolitan areas. An operating division is located in each of the three metro areas from which the local transit service is provided.


Notice is hereby given that CTtransit is requesting Bids from qualified vendors to provide Operator Uniforms. Services shall be based on all provisions, conditions, instructions and specifications as outlined in the Bid. It is CTtransit’s intention to utilize one qualified Vendors for the uniforms requested in this procurement.




DECEMBER 15, 2017




10:00 AM TUESDAY, JANUARY 9, 2018


FEBRUARY 6, 2018


2:00 PM WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14, 2018


Services/supplies shall be based on all provisions, conditions, instructions and specifications as outlined in the Bid. Forms, instructions and specifications are available from the CTtransit website (www.cttransit.com). By completing a onetime registration process on CTtransit’s website, Bidders are able to download the entire procurement package and any Addendums (Addendums will be issued on CTtransit’s website; it is the responsibility of the interested Bidder to download this information). Bidders may contact Bonnie Sheridan at bsheridan@cttransit.com or by calling, (860) 707-1276 for additional information or assistance with the registration process. Please include company name, address, telephone and fax number, contact name and email address in all requests.


Bids should be clearly marked “Bid #16-18 & Operator/Supervisor Uniforms” in capital letters and sent to the attention of Bonnie Sheridan, Purchasing & Contracts Officer, PO Box 66, Hartford, CT 06141-0066 or 100 Leibert Road, Hartford, CT 06120 for hand delivery. It is the responsibility of the Bidder to assure that its Bid arrives at the designated location and person by the specified time stated above.


All Prospective Bidders should be aware if they did not obtain this package from CTtransit’s website we can in no way guarantee you will receive any additional information (Addendums, etc.)


CTtransit has working relationships with the State of Connecticut and First America. Through these relationships we have the advantage of requesting the same pricing afforded on their contracts. CTtransit would expect that pricing, for the services requested, on any State of Connecticut and/or First America contract would be extended through this request for Proposal.


Issuance of this Bid notice does not commit CTtransit to award any contract. CTtransit reserves the right to waive any informalities or variations in any proposal that it deems to be immaterial, or to reject any or all, or any part of any or all proposals if such action is deemed to be in the best interest of CTtransit and/or the State of Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT).


Bonnie Sheridan

Purchasing & Contracts Officer


An Affirmative Action - An Equal Opportunity Employer

Procurement Update :

1-22-18  Addendum #1 has been added and is ready for download