New Bus Route Numbers Effective June 4, 2017






Mar May 23

The Connecticut Department of Transportation is implementing a new statewide route numbering system for all CTtransit bus routes. The new system is designed to work with new technologies such as real time bus information. It will make the bus system easier to navigate for new and current bus riders. The new numbering system is based on the areas our routes serve.

Bus routes that operate in the Waterbury and Central Connecticut area will be numbered as follows, effective June 4, 2017:

  • 101-199 – CTfastrak services
  • 201-299 – Greater New Haven and Wallingford (local)
  • 401-499 –Waterbury and Naugatuck Valley (local)
  • 501-599 – New Britain and Meriden (local)
  • 901-999 – CTtransit express services

Changes to Names and Numbers

Numbering and Name Changes Effective June 4, 2017.

Some bus routes that overlap have been combined. Some routes that “branch off” to serve more than one destination will have a letter added after the number to make those trips easier to identify. These letters will correspond to the location served.

For example, Routes 15 & 16 will be combined into the new Route 416. Buses designated 416F will serve Farmcrest Dr. while 416M buses serve Montoe Rd.

Important: no changes to the bus routes or schedules are being made at this time.

Waterbury Local Routes

Most local bus routes serving Waterbury will simply add a “4” in front of their existing route numbers. For example, Route 11 is now route 411. However, some routes are being combined or adopting new numbers.

Former Route Number New Route Number/Name

291 Center Street

292 North Colony Road

11 411 Willow Street-Overlook
12 412 Hill Street
13 413 Cooke Street-Oakville-Fairmount



416 North Main Street-Bucks Hill
T17 417 Thomaston Avenue
18 418 Long Hill Road-Berkeley
20 412 Walnut Street
22 422 Wolcott Street
25 425 Meriden Road-Hitchcock Lake



426 East Main Street
28 428 East Main Street-Scott Road
31 431 Hamilton Avenue-East Mountain
32 432 Sylvan Avenue-Hopeville
33 433 Baldwin Street-Hopeville



436 Congress Avenue-Town Plot
40 441 Highland Avenue-Town Plot
42 442 Chase Parkway
44 444 Bunker Hill Avenue
45 445 Watertown Avenue
T49 446x Watertown Industrial Park
T47 447x Watertown-Straits Tpke
410 450x Waterbury-Torrington
T81 460x Waterbury/Cheshire
T74 470x Waterbury/Naugatuck



471 Rubber Avenue-Millville

472 New Haven Road-Straitsville

473 Spring Street

T114 479x Beacon Falls
A1 561 Westfield Meriden
B3 563 Yale Acres
B4 564 South Meriden
C5 565 West Main Street
C6 566 East Main Street