Updated Buckland Express Schedule Effective August 14

Manchester-Buckland Express


Mié Ago 02

A new schedule for the 903-Manchester--Buckland express will take effect on Monday, August 14.

Please note that service for to the Buckland Park & Ride lot will now be provided by Routes 903 and 913. All buses pick up and drop off at both bus stop A (the larger bus shelter) and bus stop B (the small bus shelter) at the Buckland Park & Ride.


All buses make additional stops in Hartford at Pearl & Trumbull (100 Pearl), and Pearl & Ann (Goodwin Sq)

Buckland P&R Central Row
North Side
Asylum & Union
6:14am 6:28am 6:33am
6:31am 6:45am #6:50am
6:41am 6:55am #7:00am
6:51am 7:05am 7:10am
7:01am 7:15am 7:20am
7:11am 7:25am 7:30am
7:21am 7:35am #7:40am
7:31am 7:45am 7:50am
7:39am 7:53am 7:58am
7:46am 8:00am 8:05am
7:56am 8:10am #8:15am
8:06am 8:20am 8:25am
8:16am 8:30am #8:35am
8:26am 8:40am 8:45am
8:33am 8:47am 8:52am
8:39am 8:53am 8:58am
8:46am 9:00am #9:05am
9:22am 9:35am 9:45am
4:27pm 4:40pm 4:45pm
5:27pm 5:40pm 5:45pm


All buses make additional pick-ups in Hartford at Pearl & Ann (TheaterWorks) and Pearl & Lewis

Asylum at
Bushnell Park
State Street Buckland P&R
6:22am *6:30am 6:42am
7:22am *7:30am 7:42am
12:17pm 12:25pm 12:38pm
1:17pm 1:25pm 1:38pm
2:17pm 2:25pm 2:38pm
3:17pm 3:25pm 3:38pm
3:37pm 3:45pm 3:58pm
3:57pm 4:05pm 4:18pm
4:07pm 4:15pm 4:28pm
4:17pm 4:25pm 4:38pm
4:27pm 4:35pm 4:48pm
4:37pm 4:45pm 4:58pm
4:47pm 4:55pm 5:08pm
4:57pm 5:05pm 5:18pm
5:07pm 5:15pm 5:28pm
5:17pm 5:25pm 5:38pm
5:27pm 5:35pm 5:48pm
5:42pm 5:50pm 6:03pm
5:57pm 6:05pm 6:08pm
6:27pm 6:35pm 6:48pm


# trip continue to Asylum Hill

* trip departs Market & Talcott