Attention CTfastrak Customers


Fri Feb 19, 2016

An Explanation to our Customers:

Our CTfastrak passengers have noticed that their regular green CTfastrak bus has been replaced by a blue CTtransit bus this past week. The reason for this is that ten out of twelve CTfastrak articulated buses all experienced the same mechanical failure starting with the extreme cold weather last weekend.

The removal of these ten buses from service to diagnose the problem and begin the repairs has necessitated the shifting around of the various CTfastrak buses and supplementing with blue CTtransit buses in order to ensure we maintained a full service schedule. CTtransit is working with the bus manufacturer to quickly address the mechanical failure and return the buses to service as soon as possible. We apologize that wi-fi services do not exist on trips that are operated by the blue CTtransit buses. We do appreciate your support of CTfastrak, as well as your patience during this inconvenience.

We look forward to returning to our normal service as soon as possible.

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