ATTENTION Routes 923, 924, 925 and 928 -- Construction Delays Area of Capitol Avenue in Hartford


Fri Jan 15, 2016

Due to ongoing construction along Capitol Avenue specifically at the intersection of Capitol Avenue and Main Street, CTtransit Express Service has been experiencing significant delays.

Two alternative routes have been identified to ensure all stops are serviced but the traffic is such that even with these detour(s) there will be delays of up to 20 minutes on many routes and schedules.

We apologize for these delays and the inconveniences that they may cause.

We will continue to work closely with CTtransit, CTDOT and the City of Hartford to monitor and adjust operations to this situation.

We realize that these delays impact your personal schedules, but unfortunately they are unavoidable at this time.

We will operate all 923, 924, 925 and 928 service as closely as possible to published timetables while ensuring that our buses safely service all stops along the route.


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