Express Timetables for August 22, 2021


Fri Aug 13

To help you understand the service changes effective August 22, the presentation of the information on the Express timetables was updated to address questions we often receive.

The primary changes are:

  • Along with timepoints, the schedule and the map graphic now include the other stops served along the routes. Please note, timepoints are places the bus is scheduled to reach at a specific time.  The times listed for intermediate stops along the route are approximate departure times only. Plan to arrive at your stop five minutes before the bus is due to arrive.
  • Read down the column, starting with noting the Route number, to determine what time the bus serves your stop and will arrive at your final destination. As in previous timetables, ".." indicates the stop is not served on that trip.
  • Brackets mark the fare zones, simply add up the number of zones your travel includes and that is the express zone fare.