Minor Delays and Detours for Local Service on Some Routes in Greater Hartford February 25 As a Result of the Storm Damage


Thu Feb 25, 2016

Hartford-area local service is experiencing average delays of 15-20 minutes on some routes, due to temporary detours or road closures resulting from storm damage.

The following local routes are currently using these detours:

44 Garden St.
Outbound - From Garden: Left Capen St., Right Enfield St., Right Nelson St., Left Garden St.
Inbound – From Garden: Right Nelson St., Left Enfield St,Left Capen St., Right Garden St

53W Wethersfield Ave.
Outbound – From Wethersfield Ave: Continue Hartford Ave, Right on Main St. to regular route.
Inbound – From Main: Left Hartford Ave to regular route.

69 Capitol Ave.
Outbound – From Price Chopper: Left Louis, Left Pascone Lane, Left 515 to regular route. (DOT)

72 Fern St.
Outbound – From Fern: Left Farnham Rd, Right Frederick Rd, Right North Quaker Lane, Left Fern St. to regular route.
Inbound – From Fern: Right North Quaker Lane, Left Frederick Rd, Left Farnham Rd, Right Fern St. to regular route.


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