Plantsville Park & Ride Lot

Southington-Cheshire Express


Southington-Cheshire-Waterbury Express




Thu Jan 12, 2017

Important information for customers utilizing the Plantsville Park & Ride Lot.

Please do not park in the areas indicated by X’s on the map (PDF link below).

The areas that are inappropriate for parking and of particular concern are:

  • Creating an additional row of parking in the middle of the lot on the left side as you are facing the lot.
  • Parking outside any marked designated parking space(s), particularly in the middle row at the far end of the lot on the right as you are facing the lot.
  • Parking in these areas impedes the safe negotiation of the Lot by the Driver.

Until such time that CTtransit and DATTCO can be reasonably confident that the Plantsville Park & Ride Lot can be safely negotiated, the Drivers of the 924 and 928 Schedules are instructed to alter their route to street load with the door facing the Park & Ride Lot, when it appears to be unsafe to enter the Park & Ride Lot.

The altered route may add time to the route, particularly eastbound towards Hartford, but the safety of our Riders is very important to CTtransit and DATTCO.

There is additional parking available at the Milldale Park and ride Lot in Cheshire. This lot is south of the Plantsville Park and Ride Lot on Route 10. Keep in mind that, at this time, Cheshire is a Zone 4 Express Fare.

Information on the Park & Ride options.