Service Changes for 913 Express Effective November 17

Manchester-Buckland-Storrs Express


Fri Nov 01

913 – Buckland-Storrs Express

In response to evolving ridership patterns, Route 913 is adopting a new schedule.


To alleviate overcrowding on the 7:34am trip from Sigourney Street Station to Storrs, a super-express trip is being added on weekdays when classes are in session. The super-express trip will originate from Asylum St. at Bushnell Park at 7:50am, make all regular pick ups in downtown Hartford, then operate express to UCONN and Storrs Center.

Customers traveling from Sigourney Street Station, Buckland Park & Ride and Tolland Park & Ride will be accommodated by the 7:14am & 8:14am trips.

On Fridays when classes are in session, four super-express trips will be added to the schedule. These trips will depart Storrs Center at 12:14pm, 1:14pm, 2:14pm and 3:14pm and will depart UCONN East Campus at Whitney Hall five (5) minutes later. The super-express trips will operate express to downtown Hartford and Union Station only.

Customers traveling to Tolland Park & Ride, Buckland Hills Mall, Buckland Park & Ride and Sigourney Street Station will be accommodated by the 11:44am and 12:44pm, 1:44pm, 2:44pm and 3:44pm trips.

Weeknights, Saturdays & Sundays

At night and on weekends, buses will now operate every 90 minutes instead of every 75 minutes:

  • The last trip from Sigourney Street Station to Storrs will now depart at 11:05pm on weekdays and Saturdays and at 7:46pm on Sundays.
  • The last trip from Storrs Center to Hartford will now depart at 10:41pm on weekdays and Saturdays and at 7:50pm on Sundays.

New “No School” Weekday Schedule

Route 913 will operate on a special “No School” schedule on weekdays when classes are not in session at UCONN. The “No School” schedule will be in effect during Thanksgiving break, winter session, spring break and summer session.

Refer to the calendar in the Route 913 timetable for a list of dates when the “No School” schedule will be in effect. Please note that the “No School” schedule for AM & PM peak service between the Buckland Park & Ride and Hartford is the same as the regular weekday schedule, except that some afternoon trips on Route 913 will be replaced with trips on Route 903.