Service to Resume on 355-Stamford UConn Connector

UConn Stamford Connector


Wed Aug 19

Beginning August 31, CTtransit offers convenient transit bus service between the UConn Stamford campus and the Stamford Transportation Center via Route 355 (The UConn Stamford Connector). The 355 service operates weekdays, with the first trip departing the Transportation Center at 7:00am followed by trips every twenty minutes (20 minutes) throughout the day. The last trip departing the UConn campus in the evening at 10:10pm returns to the Transportation Center. Route 355 operates on UConn class days during the fall and spring semesters only. The Connector will not operate if campus closes for weather event.

Buses on the 355 route serve three stops: The Transportation Center Bay A, Washington & Main at the University's residence (900 Washington Boulevard), and the bus stop on Franklin Street adjacent to the UConn campus. 

At this time, to safeguard drivers and the public, and protect continuity of operation of Connecticut's bus system passengers should board from the rear door with the exception of passengers who are in wheelchairs and others who require the bus to kneel. Rear door boarding will help maintain recommended social distancing by providing space of six feet or greater between customers and bus drivers. Customers should practice social distancing while waiting at bus stops and while riding the bus (Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends a distance of approximately six feet from others, when possible). Fare collection is not being enforced. This is subject to change.

Those arriving at the Stamford Transportation Center should board buses displaying the designation sign, "355 UConn Stamford" for service to the UConn Stamford campus.  Those departing campus should board buses with the destination, "355 Stamford Transportation Center", for service back to the station.

CTtransit service to the UConn Stamford campus is also provided by the following routes:

313 West Broad Street

  • Operates daily between Stamford Transportation Center and Stamford's West End.
  • Departs Transportation Center Lane B
  • Buses stop on Broad Street at UCONN (outbound) and Washington Blvd. & Whitaker Place (inbound)

335 Washington Boulevard

  • Operates weekdays only between the Stamford Transportation Center and Stamford¹s Bulls Head district via Washington Boulevard.
  • Departs Transportation Center Lane D
  • Buses stop on Washington Blvd. at UCONN (outbound) and Washington Blvd. & Whitaker Place (inbound)

336 Long Ridge Road

  • Operates weekdays & Saturdays between the Stamford Transportation Center, Stamford¹s Westover district, and North Stamford via Atlantic Square.
  • Departs Transportation Center Lane D
  • Buses stop on Broad Street at UCONN (outbound) and Washington Blvd. & Whitaker Place (inbound)

Passengers are encouraged to sign up for CTtransit alerts, where they can select the routes (including 355) about which they wish to receive notifications.

Do you have a smartphone? If so, Transit, available (free) through your device’s application store, is an easy-to-use route-planning tool. There is no need to enter your starting address. Once the app is open, simply enter your destination address and Transit will do the rest. The next window will display all route options. Click on a route individually to view its stops. You can toggle your transit mode by clicking Options. CTtransit Stamford-area Transit bus times will update in real-time.

Route map
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