UPDATED 3:19PM Snow Routing Detours on some Waterbury-Area Routes


Sat Jan 23, 2016

Waterbury routes presently using snow routing:

12 Hill Street--No service on Leffingwell Ave. to White St. turnaround loop. Bus operates from Exchange Place to Hill St, to Moran St., (outbound); and returns via Cooke St. to Exchance Place, (inbound). Passengers can board bus along Hill St. on the outbound trip.

18 Long Hill--No service on Long Hill Rd. to Berkeley Ave. in severe weather conditions; bus will turnaround at Oak St. and Long Hill Rd.

20 Walnut Street--no service on Shelley St., Wall St., Holohan Ave., and lower Oak St. and Wall St. turnaround. Bus operates from Walnut St., to Rose St., to left on Oak St., (outbound), and returns via Oak St., to East Farms St., to North Main St., to Exchange Place. Passengers can board bus along Walnut St on the outbound trip.


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