Fare payment is easy on CTtransit buses with cash, ticket and pass options.

Exact Fare Required - Fares Subject to Change

Local Service Fares

Fare Category Fare
Cash $1.75
Children (Age 4 and Under)
Maximum of three with each adult
Free transfers are valid for unlimited rides on local CTtransit buses, going in any direction, for two hours from time issued, until printed time and date of expiration. A transfer is issued at the time the fare is paid upon boarding
10-Ride Ticket $15.75

Local Passes

Passes valid for unlimited rides beginning with date of first use during specified time period.

Fare Category Fare
All-Day Pass
May be purchased on bus. Please tell Bus Operator you want a pass before depositing money.
2-Hour Pass $1.75
3-Day Pass $8.75
5-Day Pass $14.00
7-Day Pass $19.25
31-Day Pass $63.00

Youth (Age 5-18)

Proof of age may be requested.

Fare Category Fare
Cash $1.40
10-Ride Ticket $12.60

Senior / Disabled

Medicare card or state-issued Reduced Fare ID card must be shown upon boarding.

Fare Category Fare
Cash $0.85
10-Ride Ticket $7.65
31-Day Pass $30.60


Note: Bus Operators and fareboxes do not make change. Fareboxes accept $1 bills and U.S coins only. Do not deposit $5, $10 or $20 bills.