Go CT Card Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Revision 3/20/2018

Go CT Card Terms and Conditions

The Go CT card is CTtransit’s fare media for use on fixed route buses including CTfastrak. It uses an account based technology to load and store funds for fare payment. CTtransit reserves the right to increase fares and the cost of fare programs in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Go CT cards cannot be redeemed for cash.

These terms and conditions constitute your Go CT Card Agreement (“Agreement”) and apply to all activities associated with the use of your Go CT Card. These activities include, but are not limited to, purchasing, activating, registering, using, reloading, and cancelling your Go CT card.  Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully and keep a copy for your records. By acceptance, retention, or use of your Go CT card, the cardholder and all Card users agree to all terms and conditions of this Agreement. This agreement and the fare structure may change at any time.

Types of Go CT cards

Go CT cards 

Go CT cards are available for use throughout CTtransit’s fixed-route system and are subject to the Terms and Conditions herein. 

Reduced-Fare Go CT cards

Certain individuals may qualify for reduced fares under Federal Transit Administration programs. Qualifying individuals must apply to the State of Connecticut and provide proof of eligibility in order to obtain a Go CT Reduced Fare Photo ID card. For more information on eligible documentation, please visit Senior / Disabled Reduced Fares. Unlike the standard Go CT card, Reduced Fare Go CT cards are valid for use only by the individual to whom the card is issued. CTtransit will confiscate and may suspend improperly used Reduced Fare Go CT cards.

Obtaining your Go CT card

  • You may purchase your Go CT card for $2.00 through our online store, at our Sales Outlets, and at a growing network of retailers. Please allow several weeks before you receive your card by mail. After you receive your card and load money into your account, you will be be able to use the Go CT card to pay your fare on CTtransit and CTfastrak buses. A minimum of $10 must be loaded into your account to begin using the card.
  • Your initial Reduced-Fare Go CT card may be subject to an application fee.
  • Replacement cards, or cards purchased at retail outlets, cost $2.00 and you must load a minimum $10.00 transportation value to the card’s account at time of purchase. You may load up to $500 at one time, but your maximum account balance may not exceed $500.
  • All sales are final. CTtransit will not refund unused Go CT card account balances.

Activating your Go CT card

Your Go CT card will be activated when you purchase it a retail outlet. When you receive the Go CT card in the mail, you must load transportation value to the card account by either online or by taking your card to a retail outlet. Once the transportation value has been loaded, your card is available for immediate use.

Using your Go CT card

To use your Go CT card on fixed route local buses, tap your card on the bus fare box target when you board. When traveling on Express buses, tap on when you board, and tap off as you exit. When traveling on CTfastrak, tap your card on the free-standing card reader located at your CTfastrak stop prior to boarding the bus. If your Go CT card is valid for payment, the card reader will display a green light. If your Go CT card account has insufficient funds for your trip, or the card is otherwise invalid, the card reader will display a red light. If for any reason the Go CT card is not accepted as fare payment, the user will be required to pay the fare in cash or present an alternative fare media.

For distance based fares (Express buses) the failure to tap off will result in your Go CT account being charged the maximum possible fare for that trip. See Introducing the Go CT Card for additional information on tapping on and off, and travel on the CTtransit system.


Registering your Go CT card gives you access to balance protection for lost and stolen cards, on-line transactions and travel history, and automated reloads. You can register your card at the CTtransit sales outlet, by calling 877-255-7433, or by visiting goctcard.com and registering a previously purchased card. When registering, you will need to provide a valid name, email address, password, and answers to three security questions. By registering your card, you agree to update the registration information you initially provided so that it remains current. Failure to maintain current registration may result in the cancellation of your Go CT card. All information that you provide in connection with the registration of your Go CT card is subject to investigation and verification. Each user may have only one active card for their individual use. We may decline to register a Go CT card if the information provided is invalid or fraudulent. If you would like to transfer your registered Go CT card to another user, or otherwise dispose of it, see transferability section of this document.

Minimum Amount to Ride

You must have adequate funds available in your Go CT account to ride CTtransit. See CTtransit’s current local and express fares.


All passengers' proof of payment is subject to inspection. You must present your Go CT card to CTtransit Fare Inspectors, other authorized CTtransit representatives, or Police upon demand. Go CT card users riding CTfastrak who fail to tap on, either at the platform card reader or the on-board fare box target, will be subject to citations and fines pursuant to Public Act 14-199.

Checking Account Balance

You may check your registered Go CT card account balance and your loading and transaction history on-line, or by calling 877-255-7433, or by visiting the Hartford, New Haven and Stamford customer service locations.

Transaction Disputes

We reserve the right to correct the balance on your Go CT card account if we believe that a technical or accounting error has occurred. For disputes relating to your Go CT card, please contact Go CT card Support at the telephone number provided at the end of this Agreement.

Card Account Value

CTtransit’s master record of the Go CT card account shall be conclusive evidence of the amount of remaining value in any card account.

Reloading your Go CT card account

Add Value Transactions

The Go CT card requires a minimum add value amount of $10.00 when reloading an account. You may load up to $500 in cash value in any single transaction, up to a maximum account value of $500.

Automatic Reload

Registered Go CT card accounts can be reloaded automatically by setting up your payment preferences on-line. Card accounts can be automatically reloaded when the balance falls below a certain threshold. You need a valid credit or debit card to establish automatic reload payments.

Transferability, Card Replacement, Cancellation, Inactivity and Expiration


Each person traveling on CTtransit’s system must have his or her own Go CT card. However, unregistered Go CT cards are transferable and can be used by anyone bearing a card as long as the card is valid and the card account balance has sufficient funds for payment. Reduced-Fare Go CT cards are not transferable and can only be used by the person to whom the card was issued.

Lost and Stolen cards

If your registered Go CT card is lost or stolen, you must notify CTtransit as soon as reasonably possible by calling Customer Service at the telephone number provided at the end of this Agreement to protect your card account balance. You may also go online to cancel a lost or stolen card. Once you notify CTtransit that your card has been lost or stolen, your card will be cancelled, and it cannot be used again as fare payment. You are responsible for any charges until you properly notify CTtransit that your Go CT is lost or stolen. You will not be responsible for unauthorized use of your lost and stolen Go CT card beginning the day following your proper report to CTTransit. Due to fare capping, you will never be liable for more than a daily pass value. You will be charged a non-refundable replacement card fee of $2.00 to replace a lost or stolen Go CT card. Your remaining account balance associated with the lost or stolen card will be accessible by your replacement Go CT card once you have received and activated it.

Damaged Cards

Go CT card holders may not alter the card, including its graphics, and agree to take all reasonable measures to ensure that the card is not tampered with.

If your Go CT card is defective and malfunctions within one year of receipt for a reason unrelated to your use and care of the card, you may return the card to CTtransit for replacement at no charge. Your existing account balance will be accessible to the replacement card once you have received it. Cards that have had holes punched in them will be considered damaged and not defective. If CTtransit determines that the card is not defective but has been damaged by you, you may still request a new Go CT card, and you will be charged a non-refundable replacement card fee of $2.00 to receive it.

Cancellation by CTtransit

CTtransit may cancel your Go CT card account if you violate these Terms and Conditions. Fraudulent use of the Go CT card will also result in cancellation of the account.

Inactivity and Expiration

Funds associated with Go CT card accounts do not expire.


Your use of the Go CT card is subject to the terms of the Privacy Policy. For more information, please refer to this privacy policy or call Customer Service at 877-255-7433.

Connecticut Receives $38.9 Million Grant from Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to Upgrade CT fastrak to All-Electric Fleet

Connecticut Transportation Commissioner Garrett Eucalitto (second from the left), Governor Ned Lamont (center), and the Federal Transit Administration’s Peter Butler (farthest right) present the milestone award grant.

CT transit is excited to share that Governor Ned Lamont and the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) recently announced a $38.9 million Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grant to help convert our CT fastrak to an all-electric bus fleet.

“This significant investment showcases our commitment to sustainable transportation and underscores our dedication to fostering skilled professionals for the future,” said Thomas E. Stringer Jr., General Manager. We look forward to this initiative’s positive impact on our community, environment, and local economy. Thank you to the FTA and the CTDOT for their continued support.”

L to R: Peter Butler, FTA Region 1 Administrator, and Thomas E. Stringer Jr, CT transit General Manager.

This significant grant, awarded through the FTA's Low or No Emission Grant Program, will facilitate the purchase or lease of zero-emission transit buses and the necessary facility upgrades.

CT transit will use these funds to acquire 46 battery-electric buses and install 29 chargers for the fastrak bus rapid transit service. The grant will also cover the cost of installing 25 depot chargers at the Hartford facility, four on-route chargers at the CT fastrak New Britain Station, and the required electrical infrastructure. This initiative is backed by over $17 million in matching state funds and $30 million from federal formula funds.

This milestone represents a monumental leap towards Governor Lamont's objective of transitioning the entire statewide public transportation bus fleet from diesel to zero-emission models by 2035. It's a testament to our collective commitment and the potential for a greener future.

Governor Lamont.

“The new battery-electric buses and chargers will help us meet the growing demand for reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly transit options, and will greatly benefit the thousands of residents and commuters who rely on CT fastrak services every day,” said Governor Lamont. “Thank you to the Biden-Harris administration for continuing to invest in green technology that will modernize Connecticut’s public transit system and spur new economic opportunities across the state.”

Around $5.6 billion in funding has been allocated through President Joe Biden’s recently enacted Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to support the replacement of thousands of public transit vehicles nationwide.


Connecticut Transportation Commissioner Garrett Eucalitto addresses the media.

“Investing in electric buses for the CT fastrak fleet is a forward-thinking move that highlights Connecticut’s dedication to sustainability and innovation,” said Connecticut Transportation Commissioner Garrett Eucalitto.

CT fastrak was recently recognized as the best bus rapid transit system in the United States by the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy.

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