Get Alerts by Email

CTtransit is pleased to offer updates via email concerning bus service information that may impact you. This service provides subscribers with information about service changes, important transit-related meetings, news, detours, parades, holiday schedules and other relevant communications.

The email alerts will not necessarily provide you with immediate information about bus delays, temporary service disruptions or cancellations. At this time, CTtransit is not able to provide up to the minute detail about the status of each bus.

Real-time information for vehicle locations and arrival/departure predictions is made available for free through data feeds that developers can use to create applications for CTtransit’s customers. This real-time information is currently available on “Transit ,” a comprehensive transit application available for iOS and Android devices. In addition, Google's popular transit planning tool is available on Google Transit , and also through Google Maps . Bus schedules on Google Maps update in real-time. Comparable transit-planning tools are also available through Apples’ iOS native Map App, Bing and other map search engines.

To Sign Up and Manage Your Alerts

Please select the route(s) you’d like to receive alerts for and enter your email address using the form below. Bus routes are grouped by service area; because some routes serve more than one area you may see a route listed more than once--you only need select it once. If you wish to receive updates for all the routes in the CTtransit system, simply select "yes" under "Send Me All Alerts?"

Customers familiar with our previous alerting system will now find that they can modify their preferences to receive only the notices for the routes they are interested in, rather than receive all the route alerting for a service area.

Please note: If you have already used this form to sign up for alerts and want to make changes to your preferences, please do not use this form again. Instead, click on the "update your preferences" link that appears are the bottom of the alert email.