How Your Go CT Card Calculates The Lowest Fare

About Fare Capping

With the new Go CT Card system, customers will now be able to take advantage of fare capping. Fare capping is a  pay-as-you-go system that guarantees you will not pay more than the lowest authorized fare for any period of travel, without having to pay the full cost of a pass in advance.

If you ride enough in any given time period to have earned a discount, your fare will be capped at that level. If you ride less, you pay for what you rode.

Fare capping provides customers with the flexibility of paying daily with cash with the discounts of purchasing a longer term pass, without having to make the upfront payment for a pass, and avoids the risk that some of the pre-purchased pass value will go unused.

Customers can use the Go CT Card to ride any bus in the CTtransit and CTfastrak systems. Once you load money into the account by depositing a minimum of $10, simply tap your card on the fare reader. You can now ride for 2 hours without any additional charge.

At the end of the day, the value of all the rides taken will be calculated and deducted from your account. If any of the existing fare discounts apply, the amount deducted from your account will be limited to the cap, not the actual value of rides that you took.

With fare capping a rider on a local bus can now make as many trips as they want, but will not be charged more than*:

  • $3.50 per day OR
  • $8.75 for any consecutive 3-day period (vs. $10.50) OR
  • $14 for any consecutive 5-day period (vs. $17.50) OR
  • $19.25 for any consecutive 7-day period (vs. $24.50) OR
  • $63 for any consecutive 31-day period (vs. $108.50)

For passengers who ride CTtransit Express multi-zone buses, the Go CT Card will introduce a new set of discounts based on daily 3, 5, and 7 day fare caps, similar to those available for local bus riders. These discounts will only be available through use of the Go CT Card.

In addition, users of the Go CT Card can also receive the benefit of a 31-day pass discount without advance purchase.