All CTtransit buses have wheelchair lifts or ramps for access by persons with disabilities. Also, the bus can "kneel" to lower the first step height. Please ask the operator to kneel the bus to assist you in boarding or alighting. 

Most types of mobility devices (wheelchairs, 3-wheel scooters, and walkers) can be accommodated on the buses. Each bus has a system for securing wheelchairs near the front of the bus. CTtransit safety policy requires a 4-point securement for all mobility devices. Use of the lap belt is recommended for the customer´s maximum safety.

Non-wheelchair, mobility impaired passengers may also use the lift or ramp to board the bus. Please ask the operator to deploy the mobility access unit. 

Reduced Fares for Senior Citizens and Persons with a Disability 

Senior citizens and persons with a disability can travel for a reduced fare at any time on CTtransit and all other bus systems operating under contract to the Connecticut Department of Transportation.

Senior Citizens: If you have a Medicare card, you are entitled to ride for a reduced fare. Simply show your Medicare Card to the operator when you board the bus. Your local transit provider is required to accept the Medicare card for a half fare. If you do not have a Medicare card and are 65 years or older, you may apply for this photo I.D. card. Complete the application and have it notarized.

Disabled Persons: Persons of any age with a qualifying disability are eligible for this card. Applications must be certified by a physician, complete with his/her signature, telephone number and state license number.

Travel Training Program

The Kennedy Center Travel Training is a nationally acclaimed program that teaches people with disabilities and seniors how to properly and safely use the local bus and rail system on a one-to-one basis throughout the state of CT. Since 1991, The Kennedy Center has successfully travel trained more than 3,000 people with cognitive, sensory, and physical disabilities, aged 16-95, to use local buses and trains to access the community. There is no charge for travel training, the program is grant funded by The Connecticut Department of Transportation.