Managing Your Go CT Card

The Go CT card is an account-based system that allows customers to deposit funds into a transportation account. Once your account has been created, simply ride any CTtransit or CTfastrak bus by tapping your Go CT card at the fare box. The value of your transportation will be deducted from your account. When your account runs low, the card reader will inform you that it is time to add value to your account.

Registering Your Card

Registering your account gives you access to balance protection for lost and stolen cards, on-line transaction and travel history, and the autopay feature. You may register your account online, by calling the Go CT Card help desk at 877-255-7433, or at CTtransit Customer Service & Sales Outlets in Hartford, New Haven and Stamford.

Funding Your Account

  • Fund your personal Go CT account online (debit or credit card, Visa/MasterCard/Discover only)

  • Take your card to a CTtransit Customer Service & Sales Outlet in Hartford, New Haven or Stamford (cash, personal checks [with appropriate identification], TransitCheks and Visa/MasterCard/Discover only)

  • Participating retailers (cash, credit or debit cards, and may accept personal checks, depending on individual store policy)

The minimum deposit for your Go CT account is $10.00, but you can deposit any additional amount you choose up to a maximum account value of $500.00.

The flexibility of the Go CT card account means that users do not select any specific fare product, such as a 31-day Pass or 5-day Pass. You can add the fare value of a period pass to your Go CT account, and Fare Capping will ensure that you never exceed that value in any 31 day period. And; unlike a pass, if you have any unused value in your Go CT account at the end of the 31 day period, it will carry over until used.

All sales are final. Funds deposited into a Go CT account are not eligible for refund.


Walgreens, CVS and 7-Eleven stores now offer Go CT card account reloads.

AutoPay Option for Funding Go CT Card Accounts

For convenience, we encourage customers to register their accounts and enroll in autopay. Under autopay, which requires a valid credit card, your account will automatically be replenished, at any amount you choose (over $10), whenever your account balance reaches your threshold level (chosen by you). Once signed up for autopay, all customers need to do is tap and ride.

Getting Go CT Account Status

Customers who have registered their accounts may check their account status online. Customers without internet access may call the CTtransit Go CT card help desk at 877-255-7433 or ask in-person at any CTtransit Customer Service and Sales outlet.

Go CT Card Mobile

Download the Go CT Card Mobile App today to manage your existing Go CT card account, and to use your mobile phone at the farebox.