CTfastrak Expansion Study

The Connecticut Department of Transportation is planning a multi-year strategy for expanded transit service east of the Connecticut River. The end goal is an enhanced system with many of the bus rapid transit features available on CTfastrak.

Initial Study Results and Recommendations

Initial Results (April 2016) in PDF format

"CTfastrak 'East of the River' Transit Study Recommends Expansion of Local Bus Service"

Press Release from CTDOT Summarizes Initial Results of Study

About CTfastrak System Expansion

Because the region can’t wait for a full expansion of the CTfastrak system, the plan focuses first on service improvements to the existing transit system along high ridership corridors and new markets. 

A second stage of the planning effort identified physical roadway and bus stop improvements to create a bus rapid transit service using existing streets, park and ride lots and the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes. This would not be an exclusive roadway for buses, but would incorporate many of the features of a bus rapid transit system. These include:

  • Attractive stations
  • Real time bus information displays
  • Fewer stops to speed up travel time
  • Free WiFi
  • Distinctive vehicles
  • Pavement treatments
  • Signal preference to improve bus travel time when on local roads

The implementation planning effort is being conducted in two stages. The plan for these enhancements were announced in September 2016, which also included a more detailed schedule of timing of the physical improvements.

What areas are included in the expansion study?

CTfastrak already includes some service east of the river on Route 121 to East Hartford and Manchester via Silver Lane. Some possible connections include: East Hartford, Manchester, South Windsor, Vernon, Tolland, Bolton, Coventry, and Mansfield (including UConn Storrs)

Expanded CTfastrak services would target the following markets:

  • Existing higher bus ridership corridors to Hartford
  • Major regional destinations, such as Buckland Hills, Pratt and Whitney, and Rentschler Field
  • Educational Institutions, such as UConn Storrs, UConn Hartford, and Goodwin College
  • Existing or new park & ride facilities
  • Through routes to take you beyond downtown Hartford without transferring

Will there be a CTfastrak guideway?

There are no plans to design and construct a ‘bus only’ roadway at this time, but some smaller capital improvements may be recommended as the study progresses. New routes may make use of the existing I-84/I-384 HOV lanes to improve travel times between the eastern part of the study area and Hartford. The HOV lanes would not be exclusive to buses, but would remain open to other high-occupancy vehicles exactly as they are now.

Other Downloadable Materials (PDF format)