Token Transit App - Download & Ride

CT Transit is excited to announce the launch of the Token Transit App, which allows bus riders to purchase different types of passes on their smartphones. Pass options include a 2-hour pass, a 31-day pass, an All-Day pass, and 10 Ride passes. The app is available for download on Apple's App Store and Google Play Store. Start your travels today by downloading the app and purchasing your pass on the go!

You can also buy a pass on one of these trip planning apps:

Having trouble using Token Transit on a trip planning app, try these steps:

  • Check for an internet connection
  • Refresh the app
  • Close the app and restart the app
  • Log out and log back into the app
  • As a last resort: Shut down phone and restart phone

A CTtransit Customer Service agent is available to troubleshoot any issues by calling the Token Transit Support Line at (877) 322-1875, for the hearing impaired, please call (203) 327-2404.