Scan the bar code on the window with the red light on the fare box.

Using the Fare Boxes On Board

Sat Mar 17
The fare boxes have a screen showing important information such as the fare due, and allow you to select a day pass or transfer. Important: this is not a touch-screen, please use the buttons for selections. A green arrow indicates the ticket slot, pass reader, and currency acceptors are ready for fare payment.


11 hr 11 mins ago
Between June 25 and August 26, as a result of construction on Harpers Ferry Road, the 428 route…
15 hr 38 mins ago
Due to construction inside the Wethersfield Shopping Center, buses will be unable to service the…
Wed Apr 18
Effective: Monday, April 30, 2018 Due to construction, the bus stops on Bank Street in downtown…

How to Ride

Each route has a schedule or timetable that lists the departure/arrival times of the bus along that route.
All CTtransit buses have wheelchair lifts or ramps for access by persons with disabilities.
Buses can carry a maximum of two bikes, on a “first-come, first served” basis.
Please call our Customer Service Center if you think you left something on a bus.
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