New Fareboxes

New Fare Boxes Roll Out

Fri Sep 23
CTtransit is replacing the fare collection system on all buses. It will take several months to phase in the new system. Note: the new fareboxes will accept the same tickets and passes as the fareboxes you are familiar with on CTtransit buses now. The new fareboxes print on the opposite side of the ticket or pass than the old fareboxes: either imprint is valid proof of payment. This is why the appearance of the tickets and passes recently changed.


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Fri Nov 11
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Fri Nov 11
This is a seasonal supplement to the current O–ROUTE 1 timetable.
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Tue Oct 04
All Meriden Routes “A”, “B”, and “C” now have posted bus stops.  

How to Ride

Each route has a schedule or timetable that lists the departure/arrival times of the bus along that route.
All CTtransit buses have wheelchair lifts or ramps for access by persons with disabilities.
Buses can carry a maximum of two bikes, on a “first-come, first served” basis.
Please call our Customer Service Center if you think you left something on a bus.
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