Using the Go CT Reduced Fare ID Card for Payment

If you use CTtransit or CTfastrak services, and have decided to use your Go CT Reduced Fare ID Card for payment, choose one of these options to load money into your account.

Reminder: your Go CT Reduced Fare ID Card is personalized for you, and is non transferrable.

There are three ways to load money into your Go CT Reduced Fare ID card account if you are a CTtransit customer:

  1. Retail locations
  2. Manage your account online
  3. Visit a CTtransit Sales Outlet in Hartford, New Haven or Stamford

Your card, and the funds on it, never expire. Please note, CTtransit will not refund unused Go CT Card account balances.

The Go CT Reduced Fare ID card always provides the discounted fares you would receive with a multiday pass, without any of the guesswork about which pass will give you the best value. Local and express reduced fare riders will also have access to 3-day, 5-day, 7-day and 31-day discounts not available with any other fare payment method.

Registering Your Go CT Reduced Fare ID Card

Once you have funded your Go CT Reduced Fare ID card, chose one of the options below to register

  1. Register a new account online using a valid, unique email address and a password of your choosing
  2. You can register your card by calling the help desk at 877-255-7433 

Why Register My Card?

  • If you register your Go CT Card, you can use autopay to keep your account funded. Autopay uses a valid credit card to replenish your account with a select amount (no less than $10) whenever the funds reach the threshold level set by you

  • In addition to checking your card status online, you can also review your transaction and travel history

  • If you report your registered card as being lost or stolen, the card will be deactivated and the balance preserved. You can report a lost or stolen card by accessing your account or by calling the help desk.
  • To register a new account you will need a valid, unique, email address and a create a password of your choosing

If you prefer, you can call the help desk for assistance registering your card.

For more information see Go CT card Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.