Using Your Go CT Card

Your Go CT card is valid for travel on all CTtransit, CTtransit Express, and CTfastrak services. The Go CT card is currently not valid for other bus operations, ADA paratransit bus service, or rail.


Each time you tap your Go CT card onboard a bus, the fare collection system identifies you and adds the information to your “taps.” At the close of business, the fare collection system deducts money from your account based on your ridership, charging you the lowest fare possible.

Your Go CT card can only be used to pay for a single rider at a time. Passengers traveling with a Go CT card holder must either present their own Go CT cards, or pay by another method, such as cash or a valid ticket.

On CTtransit, just tap your card on the fare box every time you board a bus. When riding express, tap on the same way, but be sure to tap off when you exit as well. If you do not tap off, you will be charged the maximum fare.

Using the Go CT Card on CTtransit Buses

How do I use my Go CT Card?

The Go CT card is “powered” by an electronic chip within the card. Just like bank cards you may use with chip technology, it takes the card chip a few moments to activate when held on the card reader. Go CT customers will have the most success with their taps of the card if they remember these tips:

  • Place the Go CT card directly on the orange target of the card reader. Hold it there for a few moments.

  • A green “transaction complete” message indicates the card chip has been successfully read and the card balance is sufficient.
  • On express buses, also tap your card on the card reader on the fare box when leaving the bus

  • When riding CTfastrak buses from a CTfastrak station or boarded at a CTfastrak stop on the downtown Hartford loop, tap your card on the validator located at your bus stop prior to boarding the bus. Present your Go CT card to CTfastrak Fare Inspectors when asked.
  • If your Go CT card is declined by the card reader, another form of payment will be required.

Using the Card Reader

An indicator will light up in different colors to tell you if your tap on the card reader was successful.

Green = Successful

Amber = Successful, but your account balance is getting low (less than $10)

Red = Unsuccessful, due to either a "bad tap" or a insufficient account balance (less than $1.75). If you get a “Misread Media”, “3rd Party Card”, or “Declined-Try Again”  message, please tap and hold the card again.


    To use on CTfastrak, tap your card on a platform validator at stations and CTfastrak stops in downtown Hartford before boarding. Then, simply board at any door when the bus arrives. If a validator is not available at your stop or station, tap your Go CT Card at the fare box.

    Caring for Your Go CT Card

    • Please treat your Go CT card as a credit card. To protect your account balance, we recommend registering your Go CT card.

    • Do not punch holes in, bend, fold, or otherwise mutilate your card.

    • Do not laminate your card.

    • If you plan to store your card in a protective plastic sleeve, please remove the sleeve before tapping your card on the card reader.

    Lost or Stolen Go CT Cards

    If your registered Go CT card is lost or stolen, notify CTtransit as soon as possible by calling the help desk at 877-255-7433 or by accessing your account

    Once you report a card as lost or stolen, the card will be cancelled and cannot be used again as fare payment. You will not be responsible for any unauthorized use of your lost or stolen Go CT card beginning the day after the card was reported missing. You will be charged a replacement card fee of $2.00 to replace your card; your remaining account balance associated with your lost or stolen card will be accessible to your replacement card once you have received, activated and registered it.

    If you have not registered your account, a replacement card can be purchased, for a $2.00 fee, but any funds in the old account will be lost.