Go CT Card

With just a tap, the Go CT Card uses a system called Fare Capping to calculate your fare and apply any discounts you’re eligible to receive. So every time you ride CTtransit and CTfastrak buses you’ll be paying the lowest possible fare with no guesswork.

About the Go CT Card

The Go CT Card provides the same discounts you’d receive with a pass, but the card and funds on it never expire. That gives you the flexibility of cash and coins and the benefits of a multi-day pass without having to worry about rides going unused. 

Getting Your Go CT Card

If you would like to receive a Go CT card, please use this form to provide your mailing address and contact information. You can also use the form to subscribe to e-mailed updates about the Go CT card program. During the introductory period, Go CT cards will be free. Please allow several weeks before you receive your card by mail. After you receive your card and load money into your account, you will be be able to use the Go CT card to pay your fare on CTtransit and CTfastrak buses. A minimum of $10 must be loaded into your account to begin using the card.

Please note, customers eligible for reduced fares (senior or disabled) need to complete the regular CT Reduced Fare Photo ID application process for a customized Go CT card rather than use this form.

Mailing Address
Send me Go CT Card program updates by email

Managing your account

Registering your account gives you access to balance protection for lost and stolen cards, on-line transaction and travel history, and the autopay feature. You may register your account  online, by calling the Go CT Card help desk at 877-255-7433, or at CTtransit Customer Service & Sales Outlets in Hartford, New Haven and Stamford.


CVS and 7-Eleven stores now offer Go CT card account reloads.

Using your Go CT Card

Once your account has been loaded with money, the card is ready to use on CTtransit and CTfastrak buses. Learn more at Introducing the Go CT Card.


On CTtransit, just tap your card on the fare box every time you board a bus. When riding express, tap on the same way, but be sure to tap off when you exit as well. If you do not tap off, you will be charged the maximum fare.


To use on CTfastrak, tap your card on a platform validator at stations and CTfastrak stops in downtown Hartford before boarding. Then, simply board at any door when the bus arrives. If a validator is not available at your stop or station, tap your Go CT Card at the fare box.