Express Service Fares

Fare payment is easy on CTtransit buses with cash, ticket and pass options.
Exact Fare Required - Fares Subject to Change

Express zones are based upon the distance.

Cash Fare

Fare Category Fare
Zone 2 $3.20
Zone 3 $4.10
Zone 4 $5.00
Zone 5 $6.00
Children (Age 4 and Under) 
Maximum of three with each adult
Youth (Age 5-18) Regular Cash Fare
Transfer is free from an express bus to a local bus. To transfer from a local bus to an express bus, the local fare is deducted from the express cash fare.

10-Ride Ticket

10-Ride tickets for Express Routes #901-915 cannot be used on Express Route #917-950 buses. CTtransit  Express Route #901-915 buses honors Route #917-950 ten-ride tickets and monthly passes at all times.

Zone Fare
Zone 2 $28.80
Zone 3 $36.90
Zone 4 $45.00
Zone 5 $54.00

31-Day / Monthly Pass

31-Day Passes valid for unlimited rides beginning with date of first use during specified time period. Express Route 901-915 31-Day Passes are only accepted on Express Route 917-950 buses after they have been stamped with an expiration date by a CTtransit farebox. Monthly Express Passes (Routes 917-950) valid for unlimited rides within the fare zone only during the month and year printed on the pass. Emergency Ride benefit applies with certain limitations. Call CTrides at 877-CT-RIDES (877-287-4337) for details.

Zone Fare 
Zone 2 $108.80
Zone 3 $139.40
Zone 4 $170.00
Zone 5 $204.00

Senior / Disabled Cash Fare

Medicare card or state-issued Reduced Fare ID card must be shown upon boarding.

Zone Fare
Zone 2 $1.60
Zone 3 $2.05
Zone 4 $2.50
Zone 5 $3.00

Note: Bus Operators and fareboxes do not make change. Fareboxes accept $1 bills and U.S coins only. Do not deposit $5, $10 or $20 bills.