Express Service Fares

Fare payment is easy on CTtransit buses with cash, ticket and pass options.
Exact Fare Required - Fares Subject to Change

Express zones are based upon the distance.

Cash Fare

Fare Category Fare
Zone 2 $3.20
Zone 3 $4.10
Zone 4 $5.00
Zone 5 $6.00
Children (Age 4 and Under) 
Maximum of three with each adult
Youth (Age 5-18) Regular Cash Fare
Transfer is free from an express bus to a local bus. To transfer from a local bus to an express bus, the local fare is deducted from the express cash fare.

10-Ride Ticket

10-Ride tickets for Express Routes #901-915 cannot be used on Express Route #917-950 buses. CTtransit  Express Route #901-915 buses honors Route #917-950 ten-ride tickets and monthly passes at all times.

Zone Fare
Zone 2 $28.80
Zone 3 $36.90
Zone 4 $45.00
Zone 5 $54.00

31-Day / Monthly Pass

31-Day Passes valid for unlimited rides beginning with date of first use during specified time period. Express Route 901-915 31-Day Passes are only accepted on Express Route 917-950 buses after they have been stamped with an expiration date by a CTtransit farebox. Monthly Express Passes (Routes 917-950) valid for unlimited rides within the fare zone only during the month and year printed on the pass. Guaranteed Ride benefit applies with certain limitations. Call the Guaranteed Ride HOTLINE at 877-CT-RIDES (877-287-4337) for details.

Zone Fare 
Zone 2 $108.80
Zone 3 $139.40
Zone 4 $170.00
Zone 5 $204.00

Senior / Disabled Cash Fare

Medicare card or state-issued Reduced Fare ID card must be shown upon boarding.

Zone Fare
Zone 2 $1.60
Zone 3 $2.05
Zone 4 $2.50
Zone 5 $3.00

Note: Bus Operators and fareboxes do not make change. Fareboxes accept $1 bills and U.S coins only. Do not deposit $5, $10 or $20 bills.