How to Ride

Bus Stops

Bus stops are located every 2-3 blocks along the bus route. Many bus stops are officially marked by bus stop signs.

Signaling Your Stop

About one block from your destination, please pull the cord located above the side windows to signal the bus operator to stop. A chime will alert the operator to stop and a “stop requested” sign at the front of the bus will light up.

Identifying Your Bus

As a bus approaches, be sure it is the one you need before trying to board. The sign above the windshield shows the bus route letter/number, the name of the route, and the destination of the bus. On trips away from downtown, the overhead sign will have the letter and route name as listed on the front of the route timetable. Going toward downtown, the overhead sign will display the downtown destination.


Travel Conditions

The times listed in schedules are approximate, delays may occur subject to weather or traffic conditions. You may wish to consider adverse conditions when planning the time of your trip.