Union Station Shuttle New Haven

Free Shuttle Between Union Station in New Haven and Parking

This free shuttle connects rail passengers using Union Station to additional off-site parking locations. All shuttle trips extend to the New Haven Green, creating easy connections to all other CTtransit local bus routes in New Haven. The Union Station Shuttle operates  approximately every 20 minutes, Monday through Sunday from 6:05am to 12:55am. 

Refer to the map for route and stop locations.

For more information about the off-site parking served by this shuttle, please contact the New Haven Parking Authority at 203-946-8936 regarding the Temple Street Garage or Pro Park at 203-927-2810 for the parking lot at the former Coliseum site.


Union Station Church & Crown Chapel St at
NH Green
Temple & Crown Temple St
Parking Garage
George St
Parking Lot
Union Station
.. 6:05a 6:07a 6:09a 6:10a 6:12a 6:15a
6:20a 6:24a 6:26a 6:28a 6:30a 6:32a 6:35a
6:40a 6:44a 6:46a 6:48a 6:50a 6:52a 6:55a
7:00a 7:04a 7:06a 7:08a 7:10a 7:12a 7:15a
7:20a 7:24a 7:26a 7:28a 7:30a 7:32a 7:35a
7:40a 7:44a 7:46a 7:48a 7:50a 7:52a 7:55a
8:00a 8:04a 8:06a 8:08a 8:10a 8:12a 8:15a
8:20a 8:24a 8:26a 8:28a 8:30a 8:32a 8:35a
8:40a 8:44a 8:46a 8:48a 8:50a 8:52a 8:55a
9:00a 9:04a 9:06a 9:08a 9:10a 9:12a 9:15a
9:20a 9:24a 9:26a 9:28a 9:30a 9:32a 9:35a
9:40a 9:44a 9:46a 9:48a 9:50a 9:52a 9:55a
10:00a 10:04a 10:06a 10:08a 10:10a 10:12a 10:15a
10:20a 10:24a 10:26a 10:28a 10:30a 10:32a 10:35a
10:40a 10:44a 10:46a 10:48a 10:50a 10:52a 10:55a
11:00a 11:04a 11:06a 11:08a 11:10a 11:12a 11:15a
11:20a 11:24a 11:26a 11:28a 11:30a 11:32a 11:35a
11:40a 11:44a 11:46a 11:48a 11:50a 11:52a 11:55a
12:00p NOON 12:04a 12:06p 12:08p 12:10p 12:12p 12:15p
12:20p 12:44p 12:46p 12:48p 12:50p 12:52p 12:55p
1:00p 1:04p 1:06p 1:08p 1:10p 1:12p 1:15p
1:20p 1:24p 1:26p 1:28p 1:30p 1:32p 1:35p
1:40p 1:44p 1:46p 1:48p 1:50p 1:52p 1:55p
2:00p 2:04p 2:06p 2:08p 2:10p 2:12p 2:15p
2:20p 2:24p 2:26p 2:28p 2:30p 2:32p 2:35p
2:40p 2:44p 2:46p 2:48p 2:50p 2:52p 2:55p
3:00p 3:04p 3:06p 3:08p 3:10p 3:12p 3:15p
3:20p 3:24p 3:26p 3:28p 3:30p 3:32p 3:35p
3:40p 3:44p 3:46p 3:48p 3:50p 3:52p 3:55p
4:00p 4:04p 4:06p 4:08p 4:10p 4:12p 4:15p
4:20p 4:24p


4:28p 4:30p 4;32p 4:35p
4:40p 4:44p 4:46p 4:48p 4:50p 4:52p 4:55p
5:00p 5:04p 5:06p 5:08p 5:10p 5:12p 5:15p
5:20p 5:24p 5:26p 5:28p 5:30p 5:32p 5:35p
5:40p 5:44p 5:46p 5:48p 5:50p 5:52p 5:55p
6:00p 6:04p 6:06p 6:08p 6:10p 6:12p 6:15p
6:20p 6:24p 6:26p 6:28p 6:30p 6:32p 6:35p
6:40p 6:44p 6:46p 6:48p 6:50p 6:52p 6:55p
7:00p 7:04p 7:06p 7:08p 7:10p 7:12p 7:15p
7:20p 7:24p 7:26p 7:28p 7:30p 7:32p 7:35p
7:40p 7:44p 7:46p 7:48p 7:50p 7:52p 7:55p
8:00p 8:04p 8:06p 8:08p 8:10p 8:12p 8:15p
8:20p 8:24p 8:26p 8:28p 8:30p 8:32p 8:35p
8:40p 8:44p 8:46p 8:48p 8:50p 8:52p 8:55p
9:00p 9:04p 9:06p 9:08p 9:10p 9:12p 9:15p
9:20p 9:24p 9:26p 9:28p 9:30p 9:32p 9:35p
9:40p 9:44p 9:46p 9:48p 9:50p 9:52p 9:55p
10:00p 10:04p 10:06p 10:08p 10:10p 10:12p 10:15p
10:20p 10:24p 10:26p 10:28p 10:30p 10:32p 10:35p
10:40p 10:44p 10:46p 10:48p 10:50p 10:52p 10:55p
11:00p 11:04p 11:06p 11:08p 11:10p 11:12p 11:15p
11:20p 11:24p 11:26p 11:28p 11:30p 11:32p 11:35p
11:40p 11:44p 11:46p 11:48p 11:50p 11:52p 11:555p
12:00a MIDNIGHT 12:04a 12:06a 12:08a 12:10a 12:12a 12:15a
12:20a 12:24a 12:26a 12:28a 12:30a 12:32a 12:35a
12:40a 12:44a 12:46a 12:48a 12:50a 12:52a 12:55a

Public Backed Service Expansions Now Underway!

New Bus Routes Available in New Britain, Berlin, Meriden, Plainville, Southington, and Stamford

When the public talks, CT transit listens.

In March of this year, the Connecticut Department of Transportation implemented new bus routes, now serving communities in New Britain, Berlin, Meriden, Plainville, Southington, and Stamford. These new bus routes will bolster connectivity and amplify coverage throughout central Connecticut.

“Public transit is more than just a mode of transportation; it is a lifeline that connects individuals to career opportunities, businesses to customers, and communities to growth,” said General Manager of CT transit, Thomas Stringer. “A robust public transportation system is essential for driving economic impact and supporting local businesses.”

But wait, there’s more!

This service expansion is just the beginning of a series of upcoming expansions, totaling more than $18 million, proposed by Governor Ned Lamont and supported by local legislature. These new routes will provide greater access to a broader range of employment centers and career opportunities across the region, ultimately enhancing residents' career prospects and improving their quality of life.


“This major bus service expansion is the latest effort to connect customers with critical jobs, housing, and services while expanding opportunities for Transit Oriented Development (TOD)—allowing people to live and commute with ease,” said Connecticut Department of Transportation Deputy Commissioner Karen Kitsis. “CTDOT is grateful for the support of Governor Ned Lamont and the Connecticut General Assembly, which responded to customer needs by investing in the expansion of our transit system.”

These new routes were, in part, discovered through feedback from community members, frontline transit workers, and key government officials.

Public Service by the Numbers:

  • 4,300 community members surveyed online
  • 36 community events across Connecticut
  • 29 interviews with transit providers, councils of government, and transit district reps
  • 10 customer focus groups

CTDOT’s Customer Experience (CX) Action Plan team gathered this wealth of responses. Based on insights from those we serve, they lead the initiative to develop public transportation innovations throughout the state. This energized team will continue responding to the needs of the people—the customers and supporters of public transit—and propose new paths forward.


Pictured left to right: Samaia Hernandez, Alicia Leite, Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz, Lisa Rivers, and Karen Kitsis.

“As Connecticut works to be a leader in delivering major new transit investments, including CTfastrak and CTrail Hartford Line, we recognize the support and input of our transit providers and customers across Connecticut,” said Connecticut Department of Transportation Public Transportation Bureau Chief Benjamin Limmer. “We look forward to launching new transportation services in communities across Connecticut in the months ahead.” 

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