Union Station Shuttle New Haven

Free Shuttle Between Union Station in New Haven and Parking

This free shuttle connects rail passengers using Union Station to additional off-site parking locations. All shuttle trips extend to the New Haven Green, creating easy connections to all other CTtransit local bus routes in New Haven.

Effective August 22, 2021: The shuttle operates approximately every 20 minutes, Monday through Saturday from 6:05am to 12:55am.

Refer to the map for route and stop locations.

For more information about the off-site parking served by this shuttle, please contact the New Haven Parking Authority at 203-946-8936 regarding the Temple Street Garage or Pro Park at 203-927-2810 for the parking lot at the former Coliseum site.


Union Station Church & Crown Chapel St at
NH Green
Temple & Crown Temple St
Parking Garage
George St
Parking Lot
Union Station
.. 6:05a 6:07a 6:09a 6:10a 6:12a 6:15a
6:20a 6:24a 6:26a 6:28a 6:30a 6:32a 6:35a
6:40a 6:44a 6:46a 6:48a 6:50a 6:52a 6:55a
7:00a 7:04a 7:06a 7:08a 7:10a 7:12a 7:15a
7:20a 7:24a 7:26a 7:28a 7:30a 7:32a 7:35a
7:40a 7:44a 7:46a 7:48a 7:50a 7:52a 7:55a
8:00a 8:04a 8:06a 8:08a 8:10a 8:12a 8:15a
8:20a 8:24a 8:26a 8:28a 8:30a 8:32a 8:35a
8:40a 8:44a 8:46a 8:48a 8:50a 8:52a 8:55a
9:00a 9:04a 9:06a 9:08a 9:10a 9:12a 9:15a
9:20a 9:24a 9:26a 9:28a 9:30a 9:32a 9:35a
9:40a 9:44a 9:46a 9:48a 9:50a 9:52a 9:55a
10:00a 10:04a 10:06a 10:08a 10:10a 10:12a 10:15a
10:20a 10:24a 10:26a 10:28a 10:30a 10:32a 10:35a
10:40a 10:44a 10:46a 10:48a 10:50a 10:52a 10:55a
11:00a 11:04a 11:06a 11:08a 11:10a 11:12a 11:15a
11:20a 11:24a 11:26a 11:28a 11:30a 11:32a 11:35a
11:40a 11:44a 11:46a 11:48a 11:50a 11:52a 11:55a
12:00p NOON 12:04a 12:06p 12:08p 12:10p 12:12p 12:15p
12:20p 12:44p 12:46p 12:48p 12:50p 12:52p 12:55p
1:00p 1:04p 1:06p 1:08p 1:10p 1:12p 1:15p
1:20p 1:24p 1:26p 1:28p 1:30p 1:32p 1:35p
1:40p 1:44p 1:46p 1:48p 1:50p 1:52p 1:55p
2:00p 2:04p 2:06p 2:08p 2:10p 2:12p 2:15p
2:20p 2:24p 2:26p 2:28p 2:30p 2:32p 2:35p
2:40p 2:44p 2:46p 2:48p 2:50p 2:52p 2:55p
3:00p 3:04p 3:06p 3:08p 3:10p 3:12p 3:15p
3:20p 3:24p 3:26p 3:28p 3:30p 3:32p 3:35p
3:40p 3:44p 3:46p 3:48p 3:50p 3:52p 3:55p
4:00p 4:04p 4:06p 4:08p 4:10p 4:12p 4:15p
4:20p 4:24p


4:28p 4:30p 4;32p 4:35p
4:40p 4:44p 4:46p 4:48p 4:50p 4:52p 4:55p
5:00p 5:04p 5:06p 5:08p 5:10p 5:12p 5:15p
5:20p 5:24p 5:26p 5:28p 5:30p 5:32p 5:35p
5:40p 5:44p 5:46p 5:48p 5:50p 5:52p 5:55p
6:00p 6:04p 6:06p 6:08p 6:10p 6:12p 6:15p
6:20p 6:24p 6:26p 6:28p 6:30p 6:32p 6:35p
6:40p 6:44p 6:46p 6:48p 6:50p 6:52p 6:55p
7:00p 7:04p 7:06p 7:08p 7:10p 7:12p 7:15p
7:20p 7:24p 7:26p 7:28p 7:30p 7:32p 7:35p
7:40p 7:44p 7:46p 7:48p 7:50p 7:52p 7:55p
8:00p 8:04p 8:06p 8:08p 8:10p 8:12p 8:15p
8:20p 8:24p 8:26p 8:28p 8:30p 8:32p 8:35p
8:40p 8:44p 8:46p 8:48p 8:50p 8:52p 8:55p
9:00p 9:04p 9:06p 9:08p 9:10p 9:12p 9:15p
9:20p 9:24p 9:26p 9:28p 9:30p 9:32p 9:35p
9:40p 9:44p 9:46p 9:48p 9:50p 9:52p 9:55p
10:00p 10:04p 10:06p 10:08p 10:10p 10:12p 10:15p
10:20p 10:24p 10:26p 10:28p 10:30p 10:32p 10:35p
10:40p 10:44p 10:46p 10:48p 10:50p 10:52p 10:55p
11:00p 11:04p 11:06p 11:08p 11:10p 11:12p 11:15p
11:20p 11:24p 11:26p 11:28p 11:30p 11:32p 11:35p
11:40p 11:44p 11:46p 11:48p 11:50p 11:52p 11:555p
12:00a MIDNIGHT 12:04a 12:06a 12:08a 12:10a 12:12a 12:15a
12:20a 12:24a 12:26a 12:28a 12:30a 12:32a 12:35a
12:40a 12:44a 12:46a 12:48a 12:50a 12:52a 12:55a


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