Sistema Park and Ride

A continuación se enumeran las playas de estacionamiento Park & Ride que se encuentran a lo largo de cada una de las rutas expreso y las zonas de pasaje expreso (actualizado al 22 de agosto 2021). Las zonas se determinan según las distancias desde Hartford, a menos que se indique lo contrario. Algunas rutas de autobuses tienen paradas adicionales en ciertos puntos de la ruta. Use el Planificador de viajes para obtener detalles sobre los horarios de rutas específicas y las ubicaciones de las paradas.

Para obtener más información sobre las playas de estacionamiento Park & Ride, comuníquese con el Departamento de Transporte de Connecticut o llame al 860-594-2141.

Park & Ride Ubicación Zona de pasaje


Canton Park & Ride Rutas 44 y 179 3
Avon Park & Ride Ruta 44 en WalMart Plaza 2

902-Farm Springs

Batterson Park Park & Ride Batterson Park Road, Farmington 2


Buckland Park & Ride Buckland Street y Pleasant Valley Road (I-84 Exit 62), Manchester 2

Green Circle Park & Ride

(I-84 Exits 64-65), Vernon 3

Vernon Park & Ride

Ruta 30 (I-84 Exits 64-65), Vernon

Rockville Park & Ride Reservoir Road (salida 67) 3


Putnam Bridge Park & Ride Main Street y Putnam Boulevard, Glastonbury 2

905-Windsor Locks/Enfield

Enfield Square Park & Ride I-91 Exit 47E o 48 3
Windsor Locks Park & Ride South Main Street y Ruta 159 (I-91 Exit 42) 2


Cromwell Park & Ride Industrial Park Road desde la Ruta 372 (I-91 Exit 21) 2


Newington Park & Ride Connecticut DOT Berlin Turnpike (Ruta 15) 2


St. Mary’s Park & Ride Main Street (Ruta 4), Unionville 2
Farmington Park & Ride Ruta 4 y Town Farm Road 2

910-Rocky Hill

Concierge Complex, Rocky Hill 3


First Congregational Church North Granby Road (Ruta 189) y Church Road, Granby 3
Sand Pit Park & Ride State Sand Pit, Hopmeadow St. (Ruta 10), Simsbury 3
Iron Horse Park & Ride Iron Horse Boulevard y Mall Way, Simsbury 2
Winslow Park & Ride Hopmeadow Street (Ruta 10) y Winslow Place, Simsbury 2


Tolland Park & Ride (I-84 Exit 68), Tolland 3
Rockville Park & Ride Reservoir Road (salida 67) 3
Buckland Park & Ride Buckland Street y Pleasant Valley Road (I-84 Exit 62), Manchester 2


Lake Hayward Park & Ride Lake Hayward Road, Colchester (Ruta 11 salida 6; Ruta 2 W Exit 20) 4
Colchester Town Garage Old Hartford Road 4
Marlborough Park & Ride West Road y North Main Street (Ruta 2 E Exit 12; Ruta 2 W Exit 13) 2

918-Willimantic/Coventry (Operado por Peter Pan)

Columbia Park & Ride Rutas 6 y 66 4
Andover Park & Ride Ruta 6, una milla al oeste de la Ruta 316 3
Coventry Park & Ride 2nd Congregational Church, Ruta 44 3
Bolton Park & Ride Rutas 6 y 44, Bolton Notch 2

919-Meriden (Operada por DATTCO)

Meriden Park & Ride Bee Street, Meriden (East Main Street, Exit de 1-91) 3
Cromwell Park & Ride Industrial Park Road desde la Ruta 372 (I-91 Exit 21) 2

921-Old Saybrook/Middletown (operado por DATTCO)

Old Saybrook Transportation Center Ruta 1 5
Old Saybrook Park & Ride DOT Garage, Ruta 154 y Bokum Road 5
Essex Park & Ride (Ruta 9 Exit 4), Essex 5
Chester Park & Ride (Ruta 9 Exit 6) en la Ruta 148 4
Silver Street Park & Ride Silver Street, Middletown 3

923-Bristol (a través de CTfastrak)

Lake Avenue Park & Ride Lake Avenue y Ruta 229, Bristol 3
Todd Street Park & Ride Ruta 72, Bristol 3


Barkhamsted Park & Ride Ruta 44 (New Hartford Road) 4
Estacionamiento Park & Ride de New Hartford Central St. & Church St. North  4
Canton Park & Ride Rutas 44 y 179 3
Avon Park & Ride Ruta 44 en WalMart Plaza 2


Estacionamiento Park & Ride Torrington East Main St. & Christopher Rd, Torrington 4
Estacionamiento Park & Ride Torringford, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Charles Street, Torrington 4
Canton Park & Ride Rutas 44 y 179 3
Avon Park & Ride Ruta 44 en WalMart Plaza 2

928-Waterbury/Cheshire/Southington (a través de CTfastrak)

Hamilton Avenue Park & Ride Waterbury 4
Cheshire Park & Ride Ruta 70 en I-84 Exit 26 4
Milldale Park & Ride Ruta 10 en la Ruta 691 Exit 3, Cheshire 3
Plantsville Park & Ride Ruta 10, Southington 3

950-New Haven-Hartford (operado por Peter Pan)

Wolcott Hill Park & Ride Wolcott Hill Road y Jordan Lane, Wethersfield 5
Country Club Road (I-91 Exit 20) (hacia New Haven) 4
Country Club Road (I-91 Exit 20) (hacia Hartford) 3
Devine Street Lot B (I-91 Exit 10), North Haven (hacia Hartford) 5


Public Backed Service Expansions Now Underway!

New Bus Routes Available in New Britain, Berlin, Meriden, Plainville, Southington, and Stamford

When the public talks, CT transit listens.

In March of this year, the Connecticut Department of Transportation implemented new bus routes, now serving communities in New Britain, Berlin, Meriden, Plainville, Southington, and Stamford. These new bus routes will bolster connectivity and amplify coverage throughout central Connecticut.

“Public transit is more than just a mode of transportation; it is a lifeline that connects individuals to career opportunities, businesses to customers, and communities to growth,” said General Manager of CT transit, Thomas Stringer. “A robust public transportation system is essential for driving economic impact and supporting local businesses.”

But wait, there’s more!

This service expansion is just the beginning of a series of upcoming expansions, totaling more than $18 million, proposed by Governor Ned Lamont and supported by local legislature. These new routes will provide greater access to a broader range of employment centers and career opportunities across the region, ultimately enhancing residents' career prospects and improving their quality of life.


“This major bus service expansion is the latest effort to connect customers with critical jobs, housing, and services while expanding opportunities for Transit Oriented Development (TOD)—allowing people to live and commute with ease,” said Connecticut Department of Transportation Deputy Commissioner Karen Kitsis. “CTDOT is grateful for the support of Governor Ned Lamont and the Connecticut General Assembly, which responded to customer needs by investing in the expansion of our transit system.”

These new routes were, in part, discovered through feedback from community members, frontline transit workers, and key government officials.

Public Service by the Numbers:

  • 4,300 community members surveyed online
  • 36 community events across Connecticut
  • 29 interviews with transit providers, councils of government, and transit district reps
  • 10 customer focus groups

CTDOT’s Customer Experience (CX) Action Plan team gathered this wealth of responses. Based on insights from those we serve, they lead the initiative to develop public transportation innovations throughout the state. This energized team will continue responding to the needs of the people—the customers and supporters of public transit—and propose new paths forward.


Pictured left to right: Samaia Hernandez, Alicia Leite, Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz, Lisa Rivers, and Karen Kitsis.

“As Connecticut works to be a leader in delivering major new transit investments, including CTfastrak and CTrail Hartford Line, we recognize the support and input of our transit providers and customers across Connecticut,” said Connecticut Department of Transportation Public Transportation Bureau Chief Benjamin Limmer. “We look forward to launching new transportation services in communities across Connecticut in the months ahead.” 

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