Free Commuter Shuttles

Options for CTtransit Express Commuters: Free Shuttles Available in Downtown Hartford to Make it Easier to Get More Places!

Customers traveling to Asylum Hill, the State Capitol or Columbus Boulevard should to transfer to the Asylum Hill Shuttle and Columbus Boulevard Shuttle routes at Central Row, along Pearl Street, or at Union Station/Bushnell Park.

Asylum Hill Free Commuter Shuttle

On weekday mornings, buses depart Central Row at the Old State House headed to Asylum Hill and the State Capitol every 15 minutes from 6:40am to 9:10am.

Two midday trips will depart Capitol & Trinity at The Bushnell at 11:52am & 1:52pm.

In the afternoon, trips depart The Bushnell every 20 minutes from 2:52pm to 5:12pm then every 30 minutes until 6:12pm. Buses depart Aetna on Sigourney Street 5 minutes after departing from The Bushnell.

Asylum Hill Shuttle Weekday Mornings

Old Statehouse
Central Row
Union Station
Asylum & Union
University Center
Sigourney St.
State Office Bldg.
Capitol & Washington
6:40a 6:44a 6:47a 6:52a
6:55a 6:59a 7:02a 7:07a
7:10a 7:14a 7:17a 7:22a
7:25a 7:29a 7:32a 7:37a
7:40a 7:44a 7:47a 7:52a
8:10a 8:14a 8:17a 8:22a
8:25a 8:29a 8:32a 8:37a
8:40a 8:44a 8:47a 8:52a
8:55a 8:59a 9:02a 9:07a
9:10a 9:14a 9:17a 9:22a

Asylum Hill Shuttle Weekday Afternoons

The Bushnell
Trinity & Capitol
Sigourney St.
Bushnell Park
Asylum St.
Central Row
11:52a 11:57a 12:00p 12:04p
1:52p 1:57p 2:00p 2:04p
2:52p 2:57p 3:00p 3:04p
3:12p 3:17p 3:20p 3:24p
3:32p 3:37p 3:40p 3:44p
3:52p 3:57p 4:00p 4:04p
4:12p 4:17p 4:20p 4:24p
4:32p 4:37p 4:40p 4:44p
4:52p 4:57p 5:00p 5:04p
5:12p 5:17p 5:20p 5:24p
5:42p 5:47p 5:50p 5:54p
6:12p 6:17p 6:20p 6:24p

Columbus Boulevard Free Commuter Shuttle

On weekday mornings, buses depart Asylum Street at Bushnell Park headed to Columbus Boulevard every 15 minutes from 6:51am to 9:06am.

Two midday trips depart Columbus Boulevard at the Connecticut Convention Center at 12:12 & 2:12pm.

In the afternoon, trips depart the Connecticut Convention Center every 20 minutes from 3:12pm to 4:52pm then every 30 minutes until 6:22pm.

Columbus Blvd Shuttle Weekday Mornings

Bushnell Park
Asylum St.
Central Row
Constitution Plaza
Market & Talcott
Nassau Financial Group
Columbus & Bob Steele
6:51a 6:55a 6:56a 6:58a
7:06a 7:10a 7:11a 7:13a
7:21a 7:25a 7:26a 7:28a
7:36a 7:40a 7:41a 7:43a
7:51a 7:55a 7:56a 7:58a
8:06a 8:10a 8:11a 8:13a
8:21a 8:25a 8:26a 8:28a
8:36a 8:40a 8:41a 8:43a
8:51a 8:55a 8:56a 8:58a
9:06a 9:10a 9:11a 9:13a


Columbus Blvd Shuttle Weekday Afternoons

CT Convention Center
Columbus Blvd
Old State House
Central Row
Union Station
Asylum & Union
12:12p 12:15p 12:19p
2:12p 2:15p 2:19p
3:12p 3:15p 3:19p
3:32p 3:35p 3:39p
3:52p 3:55p 3:59p
4:12p 4:15p 4:19p
4:32p 4:35p 4:39p
4:52p 4:55p 4:59p
5:22p 5:25p 5:29p
5:52p 5:55p 5:59p
6:22p 6:25p 6:29p

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